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Higher Purpose Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

Kevin sits down with Bruce Ballengee, founder and CEO of Pariveda Solutions. Pariveda is a tech consulting company doing things differently. The mission of Pariveda is helping people achieve their highest potential – including both their clients and their employees. Bruce discusses how focusing on purpose has translated into success for his business.

  • ŸWhat happens when a new business claims, as its purpose, lifting up lower- and middle-class people? Bruce shares his journey in selling his previous company and conceiving of a new business to serve a new purpose.
  • ŸCan a technology consulting firm become successful by focusing, first and foremost, on growing the individual to their greatest potential? Bruce says that Pariveda is not the exception, but the rule. Changes in industry standards towards purpose-driven business have a reason behind them – evidence says they work.
  • ŸBruce treats business as an experiment – he started out in business with a hypothesis. This is how people become pioneers in their field – by trying something new.  
  • ŸBruce “evaluates” employees using something called the expectations framework. The goal? Developing employees to the level of an effective executive – people capable of generating business.
  • ŸWhat is the relationship between empathy, self-actualization, belonging, and success in business? Bruce explains how these elements all come together in servant leadership.
  • ŸIf you or someone you know is interested in bringing the benefits of positive social impact to your enterprise, let us know! Email Kevin at

An Extraordinary Experiment

Thank-you for listening to this episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Remember, if you ever think that your work could be less ordinary, there’s not much between you and something extraordinary. Just 13 weeks, and a bold experiment. Find out more about the Extraordinary Experiment here!