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Higher Purpose Podcast

Sep 5, 2017

Danielle Strickland is an officer in the Salvation Army, an ambassador for Stop the Traffick and Compassion International, and the author of five books. She’s a wonderful speaker, and her depth of faith in insight in the Bible will delight you.

  • Danielle talks about the simple practice that she has with her son about how he is made. She asks him, ‘Who made you, and how did He make you?’ The simple answer her child gives is the same answer that can liberate you from so much pain, shame, doubt, guilt, and more. If you hear nothing else, listen to this.
  • Danielle named her son Moses. Find out how her understanding of the journey, trials, and growth of Moses in the Bible has shaped her own life, and why it made a big enough difference for her that she decided to name her son after the leader of the Israelites.
  • Hear the interesting story of the parallels Danielle sees between her good friend and Moses. It begins with her phone number being two digits different from a local legal brothel, moves on to cupcakes, and ends with visiting 68 brothels week, as a neighbor.
  • Danielle wasn’t always on the solid, purpose filled path she’s on now. She suffered from addiction. She was in a jail cell, and one visit from someone special began the radical change that took her from rock bottom to where she is now.
  • Danielle talks about her own daily ritual that keeps her honest, in tune with who she is and how God made her, and what her own support group looks like. She also talks about how she does her part in doing this for others.

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