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Higher Purpose Podcast

Sep 26, 2017

Garry Ridge is the CEO of the WD40 company and author of Helping People Win at Work, a Business Philosophy Called Don't Mark My Paper, Help Me Get an A. Garry tends to take a contrarian position on business and purpose at work, but he's also very practical.

  • Kevin and Garry talk about how a need for purpose doesn't always happen in our youth. It's something that we develop over time, and Garry shares his own experiences from a radio DJ to the CEO of WD40. But his real purpose is helping people create positive, lasting memories.
  • Learn how Garry's purpose came from something the Dali Lama said, and how it includes Billy Joel and Elton John. This is something that enriched Garry's life and shaped how he discovered what his purpose is now, and how it relates to the WD40 company.
  • Garry talks about tribe, but he addresses it much more deeply than the general use you hear in audience building and purpose. He also has an interesting saying: "Profit is the applause." Find out what that means.
  • Garry's company has been tracking employee engagement for nearly 20 years. They started where everyone else is, around 40%. But now they've been at 90% plus for several years. Kevin shares one story he heard about employees who refused to leave work for lunch because they wore uniforms.
  • There were many people who have shaped the way Garry thinks. He and Kevin talk about the way Garry 'cherry-picked' ideas, messages, and strategies from all the different people to create the amazing culture of WD40, and more importantly, his own life.
  • Garry talks about what helps him continue to navigate his true path amidst all the facts of his busy life. What can you cherry-pick from this to apply to your own life?

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